Handbag - An overview of the most desirable luxury handbags in the market today

Handbags had become accessories of a woman’s outfit wherever they go. Women carry belongings like cosmetics, hand phones, and umbrella with them with a handbag. A luxury handbags design shows the elegance styles and personality of woman. Although women can chase for the latest trend of handbags, but some of the design never goes outdated. Let’s see what the most desirable handbags brands in the market are.

Prada handbags

Looking for a classic and simple stylish Italian style handbag? Prada definitely suit your requirement. They are known for their high class stylishness and quality in the world. They are portable, art work, besides of just carrying belongings. The name Prada is synonymous with style and elegance, reflecting the images of female charm and character.

Balenciaga handbags

Balenciaga is among the most wanted handbags, designed by the world’s most popular designers in the industry. This handbag is suitable for casual or dressy outfits. Each masterpiece of Balenciaga handbag is made by skilled craftsmen. Many individuals, also celebrities receive their handbag after being in the waiting list for a period.

Kate Spade handbags

If you like something funky and lively attention seekers, Kate Spade handbags are something you shouldn’t miss out. This brand used feature like clean lines as well as uncomplicated silhouettes. The brand name has for years maintained an understated stylishness for Kate Spade handbags. These handbags will never go outdated since they are based on the philosophy of timelessness.

Miu Miu handbags

Miu Miu handbags are not only known to be stylish, they are also related to elegant and eye-catching category. Bringing them for a catwalk down the street or runway and a night out with friends is definitely perfect. Miu Miu styles are unlike any other brand in the industry. They are acknowledged since its establishment.

Bottega handbags

Elegant design and high quality workmanship is what renowned of Bottega designer handbags. Their reserved design and qualities got the global attention. One of their bags designers, Tomas Maier has made his latest collection with vivid colours and luxurious materials. Although the brand has not been around for long, Bottega has managed to rival some of the big brand in the industry.

Dior handbags

Dior, another handbag with high rates in desirable handbags are famous for their quality and design. Their designer, Christian Dior opened his very first design house in New York in late 40’s. If you are looking for evening bag which match your outfits with simple theme, Dior handbag is the one you needs with quality, style and sophistication.

Now that you know which handbags the most are desirable, why don’t you start your handbag shopping in handbag stores in Singapore. You can easily shop online and make order after comparison among the brands according to your needs.